Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful backdrop to the 6th Annual Montclair Jazz Festival at Nishuane Park. The sun did not discriminate if you were not sitting in the shade and as the whole park was filled with the glorious assortment of alto sax, trumpet, piano, vocals, bass, and drums, In the Company of Yum slinged mini pies to the masses! 

It was only fitting to not only have some of our popular staples for sale and sample, ie Grandma Eloise's Sweet Potato and Yamgazms, but we also offered a special pie named after one of the founders of Jazz House Kids and the Montclair Jazz Festival, Christian McBride. A definite crowd pleaser the "Manpie McBride" was...which consisted of maple, bourbon, browned butter peach awesomeness!! Mouths were happy and came for more : )

We would like to extend our sincerest thank you to our support network, army of Piefairies, our loyal customers who came and sought us out on the festival grounds to say hello and bring home some minipies, the Montclair Jazz Festival, and welcome our new subscribers and followers to the world of ITCOY!! Thanks again and we'll see you next year!